Dr Emily Leeming PhD

Scientist and Registered Dietitian

Dr Emily Leeming is a Registered Dietitian, Research Fellow at King's College London, author and speaker. She holds a BSc in Nutrition, MSc in Nutrition and Dietetics, and a PhD in the impact of diet on the gut microbiome.

Emily was a chef before starting a career in science - from running her own nutrition practice, to health tech and academic research.

Emily has published and contributed to multiple academic publications in top peer-reviewed journals in nutrition, lifestyle and the gut microbiome.

She writes for the Daily Mail, and is regularly featured in the media including BBC Radio 4, The Telegraph, The Guardian and The Sunday Times.

Her first book, Genius Gut: The Life-Changing Science of Eating For Your Second Brain is available to pre-order. She writes the popular weekly substack Second Brain.

Selection of peer-reviewed academic publications
Francesco Asnicar, Sarah E. Berry, Ana M. Valdes, Long H. Nguyen, Gianmarco Piccinno, David A. Drew, Emily R. Leeming, et al. 2021. “Microbiome Connections with Host Metabolism and Habitual Diet from 1,098 Deeply Phenotyped Individuals.” Nature Medicine 27 (2): 321–32.
Francesco Asnicar Emily R. Leeming, Eirini Dimidi, Mohsen Mazidi, Paul W. Franks, Haya Al Khatib, Ana M. Valdes, et al. 2021. “Blue Poo: Impact of Gut Transit Time on the Gut Microbiome Using a Novel Marker.” Gut 70 (9): 1665–74.
Emily R. Leeming, Panayiotis Louca, Rachel Gibson, Cristina Menni, Tim D. Spector, and Caroline I. Le Roy. 2021. “The Complexities of the Diet-Microbiome Relationship: Advances and Perspectives.” Genome Medicine 13 (1): 10.
Emily R. Leeming, Olatz Mompeo, Pauline Turk, Ruth C. E. Bowyer, Panayiotis Louca, Abigail J. Johnson, Tim D. Spector, Caroline Le Roy, and Rachel Gibson. 2022. “Characterisation, Procedures and Heritability of Acute Dietary Intake in the Twins UK Cohort: An Observational Study.” Nutrition Journal 21 (1): 13.
Caroline Ivanne Le Roy, Alexander Kurilshikov, Emily R. Leeming, Alessia Visconti, Ruth C. E. Bowyer, Cristina Menni, Mario Falchi, et al. 2022. “Yoghurt Consumption Is Associated with Changes in the Composition of the Human Gut Microbiome and Metabolome.” BMC Microbiology 22 (1): 39.
Cristina Menni, Panayiotis Louca, Sarah E. Berry, Amrita Vijay, Stuart Astbury, Emily R. Leeming, Rachel Gibson, et al. 2021. “High Intake of Vegetables Is Linked to Lower White Blood Cell Profile and the Effect Is Mediated by the Gut Microbiome.” BMC Medicine 19 (1): 37.


PhD in Diet and the Gut Microbiome, King’s College London
Master of Science Degree in Nutrition and Dietetics, Monash University
Bachelor of Science Honours Degree in Nutrition, Oxford Brookes University
Low FODMAP Certified Training from Monash University
Marci Evans Eating Disorder Training
Marci Evans Body Image Training
Marci Evans Digestive Disorders Training
Wellcoaches School of Health Coaching
Matthew Kenney Culinary Academy Level 1 and 2